The “Rough Man” Club is established in 1993, and all its members are real people who are interested and practice BDSM. In our Club there is a studio where we shoot punishment scenes and a special procedure of affiliate with the Club. And some items you can see only on site if assented by Club members.
Special attention should be paid to the procedure of affiliation with the Club. Only girls who want to affiliate with the Club and get the Club Golden Card “Rough Man” are subject to this procedure. Read more >>


Video Length: 7 min


Let the medieval torture begin in this video where these beautiful girls are held captive in this dungeon while their cruel master gloats. He uses all sorts of sinister devices and torture techniques on them and you can see their tender plump asses get a brutal whipping that makes those tantalizing asscheeks as red as cherries. Rope torture and medieval bdsm dungeon sex torture all included.


Video Length: 11 min


This short haired cutie with the plump butt gets her ass whipped good so it ends up red as a Summer apple. She really gets her round bum warmed up and seasoned good with a vicious spanking that leaves those juicy butt cheeks of hers so ripped and ripened that they glow with searing pain and she is definitely suffering what she deserves the naughty plump butt bad girl that she is.


Video Length: 6 min


However willing this big lady was to speak about her perversions, she was so reluctant to reveal her identity we had to offer this cover for her face. As soon as she felt safe enough, she was so quick to confess about her long-time wish to be humiliated, tied and punished. Watch this big beautiful body put on a bench, tied to it, and given a proper treatment in its nether regions, soft, curvy and sexy.

Crazy doctor

Video Length: 6 min


A visit to the doctor's office leads this beautiful young blonde haired woman into a demonstration of cruel and brutal cane whipping. Her sweet tight ass is savagely whipped by the doctor who takes great pleasure in delivering his sadistic lesson. Soon her vanilla colored bottom is reduced to a swelling mass of red raw asscheek flesh from the doctor's ruthless whipping.


Video Length: 9 min


This couple was so gripped with their bondage and flagellation fantasies they welt totally unsafe to reveal them to anybody else but our club members. This blonde sweetheart, a perfectly submissive girl and a lovely bottom, wanted her boyfriend to see her tight butt being spanked thus communicating something important to him. Look, she loves every touch of the blessed whip upon her lovely buns!

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