The RM Club was established in 1993, and all its members are real people who are interested in and practice BDSM. In our Club there we have a studio where we shoot sexy punishment scenes and we have a specialized affiliate procedure. Some items are exclusive to site. You should pay special attention to the affiliation procedure offered by this club. Only girls who want to affiliate with the Club and get the Club Golden Card "Rough Man" are subject to this procedure. First the candidate gives an interview during which she tells why she has come to the Club, why she is interested in corporal punishment, and particularly flagellation. Where and when she gained BDSM experience is also asked or this is her first time, how the corporal punishment in her childhood influenced her sexual preferences, how flagellation experience influenced her choice of a husband, what she expects to get from the Club, and what kind of experience to gain, etc.


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After this, the procedure of affiliation follows immediately. The candidate is firmly fastened (well fastened patient does not need anesthesia), her bottom is bared and she is lashed 30 or, if wished, more times. During the spanking the candidate should count the quantity of lashes loudly and clearly. If she is mistaken the procedure can start over again.

After the spanking finishes the lash traces are shot on video. After this the girl is complimented with the affiliation with the Club and Golden Card. A newbie gives her comments on the procedure. Let us note that the whole procedure from the beginning to the end is shot on video and later is available on our website, in the member's paid section. The "Rough Man affiliation" is updated with 1-2 scenes per week. The Club members live their own life, communicate with each other, meet and toss at Club BDSM parties, and sometimes they make misdeeds which require urgent meddling. Here is another subject: punishments.

Punishments are carried out in the Club, during parties as well. Some of them are available on our website. The "Rough Man Punishment" is updated with 1-2 scenes per month. It is necessary to pay special attention to the work of our studio. We shoot a full-length thematic video on BDSM, flagellation, spanking subjects by original scenarios with obligatory punishments scenes, and using various devices such as lash, birch-rods, canes, etc. In any case, the punishments shot on video are REAL. Some scenes from these films you also can see in the charged part of our

Also, in the charged part of you can express your innermost fantasies, contrive new punishments for delinquents, and we´ll make them a reality.