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The maniac from the nudist beach. (available until July 3, 2015)
Hello, together with the Marquis (who you may remember from the movie "The attempt on Stalin"), we began shooting a new project - "Maniac from a nudist beach." See the beginning of this story. We are publishing the first part of the scenario.

Several years ago, the inhabitants, rather inmates Moscow nudist beach stirred extraordinary event. Namely - I wound up on the beach maniac. No more no less. Which takes place among the rows of sunbathers golopopyh ladies saunter easy gait. However, the function served freshly cut cane rod, carefully cleaned of twigs and buds.

So, after a short flanirovaniya Maniac - choose your favorite ass. ... Approaching and twig in his hands turned into a real rod. The rod he inflicted on his hindquarters are interested very painful blow. And, before the owner svezheporotoy priests have time, splash out on a maniac all the feelings and thoughts that originated in it immediately after the incident. Maniac quietly dissolved among other nudist vacationers. In other words, did the legs. And very quickly and efficiently.

Eventually, the maniac has moved from the center of the beach to the forest belt. To go directly to the forest. However, from this number of ladies sunbathing in areas where hunting maniac just not much diminished. And he could always find the right victim. And maybe some of the ladies especially were located there. To become victims. How do I know? ...

As I mentioned above - it lasted several years. And it is probably still continue to be going on as usual. If more than one event. One day, sitting in his bunker, maniac, watching the news from TV, I saw a report in which a State Duma deputy proposed to close the nudist beach.

The head shaken to the core maniac began to be born a plan of action.

He went online and advertised.

Strictly MISTER REQUIRED FOR SPORTS helper delicate mission ...

And just by the following evening at the address there was the first serial killer's lair soiskatelnits.

- Hello. You need a helper for delicate assignments.

- Do you know who I am?

- Unavailable

- Iˈve - Maniac of Silverpine

- Oh ... she smiled coyly soiskatelnits - is you fight priests sunbathing nudists?

- Yes. I only want to deny this privilege!

- Who?

- Deputy Meloni. He wants to close the beach and build a theater named Pavlik Morozov.

- No, the first time you call it correctly. And what will be your delicate assignments?

- I have developed a top-secret plan - a maniac raised significantly up - first of all I want to seize the wife of the deputy, flogged her and take this process on video. In every detail. And if Malone did not give up his foolish venture - I'll post the video on YouTube. Let the country know their characters in detail.

- Perfect Plan. And how we will take a wife Melonova?

- For the purpose of the conspiracy plan I will present to you later. I Now we start training. You took with you in shape?

- Course

- Then change. And remember - from this moment on you are not in any way must not interfere with sports mode. I got it?

- Thatˈs right!

- Go change.

However, the drop into the locker room and quickly dressed in sports uniforms, freshly baked au delicate adventure pulled a pack of cigarettes and began to break.

... Prior to the acute sense of smell maniac could smell ingested in the case of tobacco. He quickly went to the locker room.

- Well, what is it called?

- I ... I ... - caught unawares assistant bowed her head. I do so I will not.

- Of course you will not. - A sinister smile maniac. But first Iˈll vsyplyu good. To consolidate the information.

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